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The Newman Bible Academy is an International Bible based ministry offering students around the world the building blocks for Christian living and Ministry with solid biblical training. 

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All our courses are FREE!

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Mission opportunity and workers need!!

From the founder and president, Dr. Willis Newman:

Dr. Newman in Liberia

The Christian mission’s opportunity before us is enormous. That’s why we ask for your help.

Our websites have up to 23,000 visitors per month from over 130 countries around the world and it is growing. The internet goes where Christians dare to tread.

To date, some 900 have enrolled in at least one course of the online Bible Academy. We are able to help hundreds with their questions.

We also have direct on-the-ground mission opportunities (including a Bible School with 150 pastors enrolled) in West Africa.

All of our the materials are free, which is a special benefit for those in third world countries who live on a meager hand to mouth subsistence. That is why we ask for your help. Please consider prayerfully and financially supporting this ministry.  We are a non-profit 501(c)3 registered in the United States.

Based on the Bible, (Philippians 4:15-17; 1 Corinthians 6-8; Matthew 6;19-21), your generous gift is an investment in the precious work of Christ that also results in great reward for you in heaven. Not everyone can go do missionary work overseas; consequently, we consider ourselves as your channels for your investment in overseas missionary work. 

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How to be Saved!

The Bible gives us a clear message of how to be saved. By this we mean how to gain forgiveness for our sin and how to gain eternal life.  No matter who you are or what you may have done God's grace and forgiveness is available right now!  

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Our site provides in-depth Christian information, and dozens of free articles and Bible studies. The site tackles subjects such as heaven, hell, salvation, and angels - and also depression, broken relationships, anxiety and much more.  Simply click the link above for more information.

Bible School in a Box

For years, My wife Esmie and I have envisioned a program where we could create a one or two year Bible School complete with forms and study manuals self-contained all within a box. As God would give us opportunity, we would provide all the necessary Bible school materials to pastors or mission groups, who would then take the school concept and run with it. For their part the local pastors or Christians leaders would need to simply organize a venue, and administrate the school.  Ultimately, It is our vision that the Bible school in a Box materials will provide all the courses necessary for a two year accredited degree program. 

Dr. Newman in LiberiaWell, in partnership with Villiage Ministries, our vision has become reality in Liberia, West Africa. After the our Pastor’s Development Conference in 2012, the interest was so great for more quality Bible training, the local pastors urged us to start a Bible school! Consequently, Newman Bible Academy - Liberia was created and is now up and running with over 150 pastors enrolled.

Dr. Newman in Liberia Our commitment to the Liberian school is to provide guest teachers from America, plus study manuals for each student. For their part, Village Ministries has organized the school, provided facilities, and personnel. Please join us as we Praise God this amazing opportunity.  Also pray with us for God's wisdom and guidance going forward in Liberia.

The opportunities ahead for our Bible School in a Box program seem unlimited.  Everywhere people have been evangelized, dicipleship and solid Bible training is desperately needed. Bible education is what we do. It is our desire that the Bible School in a Box will provide local Pastors, and Christian leaders with everything they need to train the next generation Christ followers and Christian leaders.


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