How to Enroll in the Newman Bible Academy


Diploma Program. The major program is a diploma for 60 credits of Bible study all taken from the Academy. The contents are a mix of Bible, theology and practical ministry studies. There are a total of 20 three credit courses required to complete the program. All programs are online. An exception would be an occasional introductory seminar held from time to time in various parts of the world.

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION. This involves successfully completing the course, TH 101 Christian Foundations. This course also counts as the first three credit course toward the 20 course diploma program. This basic course is well suited for your evangelism and discipleship ministry. It is advised that you personally complete the course before you use it with others in one-on-one ministry, group evangelism, or teaching in lecture format. This course is FREE of charge to you. However, you must enroll for the course. 

Enroll Online. To enroll in the Online Academy, just click ENROLL ONLINE. If you have never logged in before simply follow the "New Account" instructions to register. Fill out the form, and submit it. You will recieve email instructions to complete the process. Your personal account will be created and you are ready to begin. There are no enrollment fees and the courses offered are all FREE.

Standard Enrollment. Another way to enroll in the Academy is by clicking on the enrollment form below. Fill out the form, and submit it through this website. Once processed your account will be begin. There are also no enrollment fees and the courses are FREE. Please note: We encourage all students to use our "Enroll Online" process if possible. The standard enrollment process can be used, but it often takes more time for us to complete the process and to get the materials out to you. Whether you enroll using the "Standard" Enrollment process or the "Online" Enrollment process you need to enroll in the Academy only once.

Registration. After you have enrolled in the Academy, you will need to register for the individual courses. With the online process simply click on the course you wish to take and then click enroll.  At this point you are enrolled in the course and you can begin the course work. You may take any course as there are no prerequisites. You will need to enroll in each course you choose take. However, I strongly urge you to take the TH 101 Christian Foundations first.

With the standard enrollment process click on the registration form below. Follow the instructions to fill out the form, and submit it through this website. You can find the individual courses at the link, Courses of Study. You need to register for each course you take. You may take any course as there are no prerequisites. However, I strongly urge you to take the TH 101 Christian Foundations first.

As soon as we receive your enrollment and registration forms, we will send you an email with instruction on how to access the eBook, exam and syllabus. You are encouraged to complete each course in 8 weeks. However, we will not drop you out of the program if you have any problem completing the course/degree in the suggested time frame.

As soon as you finish up a course, then register for the next course and we will email you the corresponding materials.

When you complete the 20 courses, we send you your diploma. All this will be by email. When you run off your diploma on your printer, I suggest that you use an attractive, heavy, suitable paper to display your certificate or diploma beautifully.

The diploma gives you recognition that you have completed solid training in Bible, theology, and ministry, Christian living.

DONATION. Again, it will not cost you anything to take any course, and to complete the twenty courses towards a diploma. The Newman Ministry International, Inc. raises the money to keep the online ministry and the Bible school going. However, if you feel led to donate, we will certainly appreciate it. Just click on the DONATE button found below or any of the pages on the website (usually located on the 3rd column)and follow the prompt. 

Much of the material will be in pdf files. Consequently, you will need to download and Adobe Reader. They are free at

You can take the courses in any sequence. There are no prerequisites for any course. However, we strongly urge you to first take the course TH 101 Christian Foundations.

For any questions, please send them by email to

ENROLL NOW!! Click on the links below.




Do not forget to print a copy of the appropriate syllabus from the COURSES OF STUDY page.

Steps to Success

To be a success in Christian life there are three areas to develop: know, be, and do. You must gain knowledge. You must build certain qualities in your life. You must know practical skills – and then take action. This site teaches all three – from a Christian and Bible point of view – and to the glory of God.

I pledge and will strive to give you…

•Hope and encouragement
•A biblical perspective on life
•Respect and compassion
•New skills and tools for Christian theology, living and ministry.

So, I warmly invite you to crack open your Bible, and travel with me as we enjoy the rich treasures that will burst alive for you as we mine the marvelous depths of the grandest book of all - the BIBLE.


To give towards this ministry, click the DONATE button below and follow the prompts. You do NOT need a PayPal account to give. Newman Ministries International, Inc. is a registered non-profit organization 501(c)3, and your gifts are tax deductible as the law allows.