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Our Mission

The overall mission of Newman Bible Academy is to influence as many people as possible for Jesus Christ through teaching, training, and literature. The Academy is Christian and interdenominational. The Academy targets primarily countries where Christian training opportunities are limited or non-existent.

Our goal is to equip Christians to become effective Christian workers in their communities and throughout the world. To do this the Academy focuses on Bible teaching, theology, ministry, and Christian living.

The Academy believes that learning can occur at any time and any place; consequently, the objective is to deliver training to the student in their own environment. This involves flexibility, along with consistent effort to provide excellence in quality, affordability in cost, self paced convenience in study, and privacy in those places where there is danger from expressing the Christian Faith.

The Academy recognizes each person’s unique training needs; hence, we are adaptable and cross cultural in orientation. Our purpose is to foster learning, training, and service to Jesus Christ in the power, dependence, and leading of the Holy Spirit – and to the glory of God. Our core values are as follows:

1. To glorify God in all that we do.
2. To place service before self.
3. To practice integrity in all things.
4. To do everything with upmost excellence.
5. To fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.