Each course, out of the 20 courses, is designed to be completed in 10 weeks. However, more time may be permitted upon request. The courses may be taken in any order you wish, but I strongly suggest you take TH 101 Christian Foundations first.

Each course is designed to give three credits when completed. One credit involves approximately 10 hours of instructional study. Consequently, three credits (one course) represents about 30 hours of direct interaction with the content of the course. Interaction includes readings, taking the examinations, research, and any other assignments required for the course. This method is based on the American quarter system of education.

Note: Not all of the courses are presently available. Courses will be added as Esmie and I continue to put them online. However, you may start taking courses as they come available. As we progress, the program may be modified as needs become apparent. (Note: all of the courses are not fully developed as of this date. I will upload as they are completed. Presently there are seven courses ready for your personal training and skill improvement).

Click on the links below to see any course syllabus. The course description is embedded within each syllabus. Download to your computer, or run off on your printer, the syllabus you are working on. It is your guide. Keep it handy.

The course numbering is as follows: BI = Bible; TH = Theology; MI = Ministry.

Year one
TH 101 Christian Foundations - FREE!!
BI 102 New Testament Survey
BI 103 Old Testament Survey
BI 104 Bible Interpretation
MI 105 Speech Communication

BI 106 Matthew - Acts
MI 107Christian Counseling
BI 108 Pauline Epistles
BI 109 General Epistles & Revelation
MI 110 Methods of Evangelism

Year Two
M211 Christian Leadership
TH 212 Theology one: Bibliology
TH 213 Theology two: Introduction, God, Holy Spirit, Angels, Satan.
TH 214 Theology three: Humanity, Sin, Christ, Salvation, Infant Salvation.
TH 215 Theology four: Last things.
MI 216 Christian Life Skills
MI 217 Cross Cultural Communication
BI 218 Genesis - 2 Samuel
BI 219. 1 Kings - Proverbs
BI 220 Ecclesiastes - Malachi.

Steps to Success

To be a success in Christian life there are three areas to develop: know, be, and do. You must gain knowledge. You must build certain qualities in your life. You must know practical skills – and then take action. This site teaches all three – from a Christian and Bible point of view – and to the glory of God.

I pledge and will strive to give you…

•Hope and encouragement
•A biblical perspective on life
•Respect and compassion
•New skills and tools for Christian theology, living and ministry.

So, I warmly invite you to crack open your Bible, and travel with me as we enjoy the rich treasures that will burst alive for you as we mine the marvelous depths of the grandest book of all - the BIBLE.


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